It’s a little more difficult to show examples of my words on a commercial level.  Much of what I write is in the health/nutrition/chiropractic field and just reading it doesn’t necessarily communicate the skill level.  My work has been printed in health journals, newsletters, newspapers, blogs, etc. If you would like to see examples of my commercial writing, please email me using the “contact” page.

On a more creative level, here is an example of a piece I wrote after finally being able to visit New Orleans and falling in love with it and its history.  It is a bit explicit, as it really needed to be to truly communicate what I experienced in the Big Easy.  

An Ode to New Orleans

I’ve waited nearly 45 years of my life to visit New Orleans, an uneasy city known as the Big Easy.  Anticipation washes over me like a small child waiting for a favorite treat.  Each mile I drive I can hear a voice in my head saying, “Are we there yet?”

Arriving in the French Quarter, the senses are assaulted by the smell of mule piss in the gutters and beignet frying in the cafes.  This is the original sin city.  Bourbon Street filled with booze and whores who hang pictures of themselves in compromising positions on the doors to lure you in. In contrast to this is the soulful jazz of the busker on the corner or the blues band whose rhythm washes over you, taking away with it the cares of the day.  This city is enigma ne plus ultra.

The French Quarter is a two-faced coin – one side the muse, the other the whore.  One overfills your artistic soul with lifetimes of inspiration, the other steals it with her legs spread wide, offering you the promise land of her drunken eroticism.  “Come,” she says, “deep within me where I will fulfill every earthly physical desire for the mere exchange of your soul.”  Zombies do exist here.  You see them all the time.  The poor unfortunate fools who drank deeply of her spirits and plunged into her flesh, little by little trading themselves for the pleasures they sought.  Now they wander aimlessly, their eyes holding no emotion or trace of human existence.  Empty shells of bones and skin wandering through the streets on puppet strings.

Her other face fulfills me artistically in ways I have never known.  Her beauty seems endless, ageless, infinite.  She begs me to embrace her, to be seduced by the dignity and grace of her people who are as colorful as her architecture.  The muse captures my heart, filling my soul till it overflows.  As I walk her streets, the jazz and art wash away the other side of the coin.

2012 Copyright Shelley Jaffe 

 I am currently working on a historical fiction novel also inspired by my visit to New Orleans.  I look forward to sharing some little known history of that great city with readers around the world.