Just like my other art, I like to combine different mediums and techniques when creating digital work for a client.

The company needed a logo which communicated that their clients were part of their team, so a collage of photographs was put together to form the word “TEAM”.  A simple, yet effective design.

From that starting point iSpeax (my husband’s and my commercial creative company) created a newsletter for the client.  All design and layout, as well as some of the content were done by me.  

Some clients need not only graphic design, but help designing product packaging.  In this case, the client needed the greenest packaging they could get and decided to go with glass bottles.  This was later changed to paper tubes as it became evident that even though their customers loved the product, traveling with glass just isn’t practical.  For this project I designed the logo, which they wanted to look natural and hand-drawn, along with writing the copy for all of their packaging and promo.  

This was a city event which I was asked to do all of the design and print work for.  I took the photograph and did the layout work, as well as some of the ad design.  

This was another city project, this time for a non-profit merchant’s organization.  A photograph was taken by me and then manipulated in Photoshop to get the desired image the clients wanted.  

Another project for the same merchants group. This was one of the many pages I did design and layout on for their Creative Loafing campaign.

More logos designed for different groups, all based on the desires of the clients.  Two of them were re-designs of other’s attempts to create what the organization wanted.  Both were happy when I was able to bring their vision to fruition.

I love to collaborate with my husband, combining his poetry with my digital art and design: