About the Artist

I am mostly a self-taught and mentored artist having had no formal schooling since high school where my art teacher and I did a terrible thing – we submitted some of my work and won a full scholarship for me to attend a prestigious arts high school in New York City.  My family’s response was to pull me out of my art classes and to enroll me in “more practical business classes where I could learn to be a productive member of society and not a starving artist”.

For quite some time I gave up on my art, but a person is never truly happy when pursuing another purpose besides their own, so with the help of my husband I finally got up the nerve and took the leap from business executive to artist.  I encourage other people to do the same, no matter what your dreams are.  You will always be happier living your own dreams than someone else’s.

My favorite tool is my hands because I can feel the life and communication flowing from them into the work I do. I feel most alive when I am creating, using my imagination to take every day things and getting people to see them in a different light.  I love to push the boundaries of a medium and do things with my materials that are not supposed to be possible.  I mix my mediums and when I say I am a mixed medium artist people think that I mean “mixed media”, which is far different than what I do.  I will sculpt things, paint a canvas, then mount the sculpture on the canvas, or re-purpose old doors and windows and incorporate sculpture or glass art – thus mixing mediums.  I also enjoy digital art – both commercially and privately, functional aesthetic design (work and living spaces) as well as writing.  A person is limited in their creation only by themselves, so why limit oneself to one medium if you want to explore more.  Why not enjoy as many as you wish?


Photo by Felix Kunze – www.felixkunze.com